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Abstract - Cobb

Communication to improve animal welfare outcomes

Effective communication plays a crucial role in advancing animal wellbeing. We use it to convey complex information, foster understanding, and inspire action to improve animal welfare. In an environment where 'animal welfare' can be interpreted to mean different things, establishing a shared understanding is critical to productive discussions and practical outcomes. This presentation will be of interest to individuals and groups involved in animal welfare and its assurance. Effective communication is essential in bridging gaps, influencing human behaviour change, and working together to meet our shared ethical obligations to provide the animals in our care with a good life.

We will explore proven science communication and human behaviour change communication strategies. This will include practical tips on ethical considerations, tailoring communication to the audience, identifying barriers, the importance of message framing, and the use of stories. These techniques can help develop communication styles to achieve change, whether the goal is to promote best practice animal care, encourage sustainable practices, or drive social and policy changes.

Dr Mia Cobb
Animal Welfare Scientist
Animal Welfare Science Centre, Faculty of Science
University of Melbourne