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Abstract - Cécile Godde

Northern Australian rangelands under climate change: Threats and adaptation strategies

Northern Australia can be broadly defined as the land area north of the tropic of Capricorn. In that region, beef production covers about 60% of the land and plays a key socio-economic role. The beef sector is also entrusted with the responsibilities to preserve the environment and ensure animal welfare.

Climate change represents a major threat for the northern Australian beef industry. It can adversely affect the sector at a range of levels, from farm production to processing, storage, transportation, retailing and human consumption, with implications for rangeland ecosystems, animal welfare, human labour, the economy, and livelihoods.

In this seminar, we explore what the future climate may look like in northern Australia, the potential climate impacts along the supply chain and the adaptation options that might be required in the face of climate change and future inherent uncertainties.