Presentation slides

Presentation slides from the seminar.

Slides - Chris Dickman

Bad things happen: Impacts of wildfires on wildlife (PDF 3.1MB)

Slides - Joshua Trigg

Examining the role of national planning principles for animals in Australian disaster response (PDF 1.8MB)

Slides - Hayley Squance

Is connection the missing link to multiagency collaboration in animal emergency management? (PDF 1.8MB)

Slides - Mel Taylor

Animal Ready Communities (ARCs) Community-based best practice in animal emergency management (PDF 5.6MB)

Slides - Katie McShane

Toward a more complete assessment of climate impacts (PDF 135KB)

Slides - Lesley Hughes

Australia’s changing climate: Impacts on animals and ecosystems (PDF 7.0MB)

Slides - Anna Meredith

One Health: Wildlife health and welfare – a human responsibility (PDF 5.4MB)

Slides - Cécile Godde

Northern Australian rangelands under climate change: Threats and adaptation strategies (PDF 2.5MB)